Welcome to Challacombe Farm

Nestled in the majestic hills of the Eastern Townships in Quebec, Canada, Challacombe Farm is one of three owned and operated by Ben Ball, in close collaboration with his experienced colleagues and the surrounding community. The homestead was acquired by Ben and renamed “Challacombe Farm” in 2003. The name pays homage to Ben’s late father, who had a farm by the same name in Ontario, and the Ball family, whose original homestead was a town called Challacombe in the U.K. in Devon. The family immigrated to Canada from Challacombe in the early 1800’s.

The Challacombe legacy continues its journey.

Ben Ball's vision for the future has recently led to the acquisition of two neighbouring properties, for a total of three farms on over 1,000 acres near Mansonville, Quebec. The Challacombe cow-calf herd boasts around 115 cows, including 65 pure-bred Black Angus cows and 3 pure-bred Black Angus bulls and 110 calves. The number is growing, and Ben’s goal is to be an “all Black Angus and only Black Angus” farm in the near future. The herd is pastured on well-kept grazing fields, hayfields and mountain-fed streams. Through direct ownership and land rental, Challacombe Farm ensures adequate pasture land and grows and bales its own hay. Once off-pasture for the winter months, the cows, calves and bulls have access to both dry and silage hay. Our singular focus is to maintain the herd with care and compassion, provide the best nutrients possible, and shelter the animals as necessary.


Auction September 17, 2016 at 10 am. Pure-bred, registered black Angus. Please see catalogue for details.

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Welcome to Challacombe Farm

Beef buyers can rely on the superior quality of the
livestock from Challacombe Farm, and the integrity
of its owner and operator, Benjamin W. Ball

Utilizing state-of-the-art machinery, environmentally-friendly processes and with an impressive emphasis on safety and cleanliness, Challacombe Farm is a model ranch for the industry and a proud member of the Angus Beef community of farms worldwide.